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From sourcing the best materials, to reliable production and punctual delivery – we provide full end-to-end service for our clients. Our team of experts is skilled not only in high-end fashion production and design – we listen carefully to our clients’ needs and meet those needs by providing innovative solutions. 

Our factories and skilled personnel are involved in every aspect of the manufacturing process. They are consistently encouraged to share their expertise in all relevant manufacturing techniques. Continuous high performance production workflow demonstrates which fabrics and methods of craftsmanship are of benefit for each product, in order to guarantee exceptional value.


Over the past eight years, Aerion has created a sustainable network of first-class factories in Asia and Europe to define itself as the most reliable and quality-driven partner. This network consists of trustful relationships, which allow us to apply our experience in the most efficient manner.



Our factories play a leading role in reaching our goal of manufacturing safe and environmentally-friendly garments for our clients. Our industry knowledge and established network along the entire global supply chain and retail industry give us the necessary insights into creating flexible long-term solutions for our customers. We analyze each customer’s needs, anticipate challenges, design options and set up contingency plans, to offer our customers just-in-time delivery.


We understand our clients' product needs regarding look, fit and feel. We bring the various aspects for the production of high quality product to the table: Constant fabric research, modern design and efficient and quality proof production. Aerion's well educated team of trained quality-assurance inspectors, knows how high quality fabric should look, feel and endure. Our technical expertised team 

will take care of delivering outstanding quality into our clients' merchandise.  



Our in-depth product understanding combined with international manufacturing efficiency throughout our team of European managers, product developers, designers, sales personnel and quality assurance staff, guarantees constant evolving product and quality innovations in Asia, that keep pace with time.

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